The Eastern Chinese American Physicians IPA, Inc. ("ECAP") is a physician owned and operated independent practice association established in 2004 that is comprised of more than 305 physicians, the majority of which have been in practicing medicine for over 10 years, that serve an estimated 190,000 Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries within the Chinese communities throughout New York City in the boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. ECAP's physician network is comprised of primary care physicians as well as specialist physicians in all areas of medicine to provide a full spectrum of care to beneficiaries.

ECAP providers are uniquely able to provide culturally competent and language specific care to patients in this underserved community that may otherwise have limited access to healthcare. ECAP's is led by a dedicated group of 9 member Board of Directors who are recognized physicians in the community as key thought leaders who keenly understand the ever-changing landscape of healthcare and have the vision to participate in transforming and improving healthcare.