Our Partners

ECAP works with physician associations, ACO, medical groups and EHR company to address complex challenges in healthcare field. Our partners contribute ideas, volunteer power, in-kind support and more to help build stronger communities.

SOMOS Community Care

SOMOS's network of physicians, specialists, community-based organizations and other providers delivers high-quality, patient-centered care in a comprehensive, coordinated, and accessible manner to individuals and families participating in the Medicaid program.


Association of Chinese American Physicians USA (ACAP)

The Association of Chinese American Physicians (ACAP) is a not for profit professional organization of Chinese American physicians and Physicians that care for the Chinese community.


Chinese Community Accountable Care Organization (CCACO)

The Chinese Community Accountable Care Organization (CCACO) is a community-based accountable care organization whose mission is to meet patients' healthcare needs, with the goals of simultaneously improving health, promoting positive patient experiences and reducing per capita costs.


Corinthian Medical Independent Provider Association

The Corinthian Medical IPA (CMIPA) began its efforts in 1999 and presently has over 500 physician members. The IPA is owned and managed by practicing community providers who understand the challenges in today's healthcare environment. The CMIPA's mission is to create a network of medically accomplished and culturally sensitive physicians. The first priority of this network is to provide medical services of the highest quality to patients, supported by a professionally managed infrastructure. Using both, the strength of its organization and the quality of its services, CMIPA providers are in the position to benefit economically through negotiations and stronger relationships with the HMOs and other payors.

Excelsior Integrated Medical Group, PLLC

Excelsior Integrated Medical Group PLLC is a clinically and financially integrated, multi-specialty medical practice comprised of primary care physicians and physician specialists in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, with a substantial focus in Chinatown, Sunset Park, and Flushing.


IPA of Nassau and Suffolk county (IPANS)

A physician-led, not-for-profit Idependent Physician Association (IPA) focused on helping independent and community hospital-based physicians stay on the "frontline of healthcare".



MDLand is one of the largest private EMR companies in the country. Today the MDLand healthcare platform connects thousands of providers, clinics, medical centers, labs, pharmacies and registries across the United States.


South Shore Rockaway IPA (SSRIPA)

South Shore Health Systems, Inc ("SSHS") provides managed care contracting and practice management services to hundreds of medical practices in the lower counties of NYS. Dr. Gilbert Makabali, the President, supported by a dedicated team of managed care professionals, employ innovative contracting and group purchasing programs to the optimize revenue and lower the cost of operating private medical practices.